Taylor Made

Marine Glass Specialties, Inc., is an authorized buyer/fabricator for The Taylor Made Group. Taylor Made has state of the art glass bending furnaces that can reliably execute the latest in glass windshield design. Taylor Made curved glass windshields are made to exceptionally high design and quality standards.

Taylor Made windshields are aerodynamically shaped with single-plane or compound curves, excellent optical quality, and durable framing. Taylor Made offers over 17 varieties of windshields with options in curve, design, frame and finish.

Taylor Made is the worlds largest manufacturer of marine glazing systems and sets the pace for doors, hatches, power roof systems, portlights, and more. Taylor Made is the leader in the design and manufacturer of curved tempered safety glass for boat windshields.

As Marine Glass Specialties, Inc., specializes in Taylor Made systems, we will restore your boat glass to its original look, or help you re-create a new look within required design parameters.