Water Bonnet

Boat windshields are thick and thermal performance coated glass windows installed in the front of the boat. Boat windshields protect the people in the boat from water, wind, and rain.

There are various types of boat windshields. The acrylic center console windshield is a standard windshield that can boast a stronger temperament due to its acrylic composition. The famous walk-thru windshield allows easy access to the cockpit on larger boats. Flat Glass windshields are also offered by Marine Glass Specialties, Inc., which are sometimes preferred as they do not distort perspective. Most of these windshields use aircraft glass technology. Curved windshields are made of tempered safety glass with strategic curves manufactured using advanced technology and equipment. This style of windshield is usually made of high quality fiberglass. Compression Layer windshields are made of a thick compression layer surface that prevents small cracks from getting bigger over time. This kind of windshield is five times stronger than normal glass.

Wipers are also an important aspect of any boat windshield. Choose a boat windshield with heavy-duty wipers to better deflect rain, big waves, and objects that can get stuck.

Marine Glass Specialties, Inc. offers these types of boat windshields as well as custom windshield fabrication.